Be Productive Even When Working in a Small Coworking Space

Working in a small coworking space is becoming even more popular thanks to the changing workforce. Predictions indicate that 40% of the workforce will comprise solopreneurs, freelancers, and independent contractors.

small coworking space

As people look for conducive venues where they can focus more, the demand for coworking spaces will also increase.

Challenges of Working in a Coworking Space

Undoubtedly, there are many benefits to working in a coworking office rent setup. But just like in any shared working space, there are also challenges. And perhaps, one of the biggest ones is how to stay productive.

Most coworking spaces have a layout which encourages socialising and collaborating and go with more of an open-plan layout. Plus, they offer certain perks such as free beverages and snacks and lounge areas. With such an environment, it can be pretty hard to not get carried away hanging out in the kitchen area enjoying the free coffee while chatting with your new business acquaintances. Before you know it, the day is almost over and you haven’t done a single task.

Tips to Remain Productive in a Coworking Space

While it can be challenging to focus on your work and be productive, it is not impossible, especially with these tips.

Avoid Distractions

Finding a more private and quiet place to work in a big coworking space is quite a difficult feat when there aren’t that many walls or any cubicles to which you can hide. It becomes doubly hard when working in a small coworking space. But there are several ways you can avoid distractions.

– Listen to music and use noise cancelling headphones.

– Choose a workstation that faces a wall and not a chaotic view (such as the kitchen or trash cans).

– Avoid staying near busy areas.

Plan Out Your Day

Find methods which help you become more self-disciplined. While everyone may have different working styles, it is important to have a plan on what you want to accomplish on a certain day or week and how you are going to achieve that goal.

Meeting passionate and creative people in a co-working Brisbane environment is beneficial to grow your career or business. Grab the opportunity to talk and build relationships with such individuals. But be careful that that won’t be the only thing you ever do with your time. You can avoid this by making a daily plan and disciplining yourself.

– Manage your time and schedule. Use whatever tools or applications you have. For example, you can set timers for certain tasks.

– Write a To-Do list and check off each item you finish.

– Instead of procrastinating or delaying difficult tasks, break them into smaller tasks and set deadlines.

Take Breaks

Taking breaks might seem counterproductive, especially when you are running after an important deadline. However, experts say that in order to maximise productivity, it is advisable to take a 17-minute break for every 52 minutes that you work.

Take note, though, to use those breaks wisely. Take advantage of the pantry or lounge areas to stretch your legs, enjoy the view, or to just give your mind a rest. The Lightspace Studios in Fortitude Valley has their own outdoor deck with a Tiki bar and lounge chairs where you can chill and relax. Check them out if you’re looking to hire office space or a dedicated desk in their coworking area.

Aim for Work-Life Balance

Yes, you want to do a million work tasks in just one day. It’s great that you are so dedicated to accomplishing deadlines and growing your business. However, if you don’t take good care of yourself, your work and everything else in your life will be negatively affected.

Make sure you get enough sleep and exercise, eat healthy food, and spend time with your loved ones. When you leave your desk, leave your work there too. After all, the objective of working in a small coworking space is so you can separate work from the other aspects of your life. Therefore, take full advantage of this setup to enjoy a better work-life balance.