Fight Food Poisoning with Proper Food Storage


If you own a restaurant or planning to have one, food storage is one of the priorities that need to be managed accordingly. If not, it can lead to food spoilage and not to mention the havoc that it can cause to the customers. Food poisoning results to over a million visits to medical clinics and/or hospitals every year according to the data gathered in Australia. In addition to this, a certain group of people is susceptible to foodborne illness. Because of this, the Australian government made sure that every restaurant across the country follows the necessary protocol when it comes to food storage. Which is why many restaurants owner nowadays are looking for a high-quality yet affordable second hand commercial freezer to utilize without spending much.

According to experts, in food storage, the temperature plays a crucial role to prevent bacteria to grow or multiply. The so-called temperature danger zone (from 5 degree Celsius to 60 degree Celsius) should be avoided especially when you are handling highly sensitive foods like dairy products, cooked and raw meat and others. Keeping these foods in commercial fridges and freezers is a must.

What to consider in buying a commercial freezer?

Most restaurant owners buy second hand commercial freezer according to their restaurant’s size and concept. Moreover, there are fridges that are suited to a particular type of food just like the chest freezer wherein you can store frozen products. For modern design restaurant, the deli display fridge is recommended to maintain the right temperature of the cooked food while making it visible to all customers.

For children-friendly restaurant or café, you might want to buy second hand commercial freezer for ice cream or other cold treats for kids. The display freezer is great to let kids have a glimpse of all the available flavors of gelato that you have.

If you are running a self-service restaurant, you might want to purchase a stylish open display fridge for convenience. This type of fridge will let your customer simply grab any pre-packed items such as sandwiches and others and pay it right away in the counter.

Finding the right supplier of commercial freezer

When you decide to buy a second hand commercial refrigeration, the next thing that you need to consider is the supplier. There are loads of second hand fridge supplier in town, and it is quite challenging to choose the right one.

One major factor in choosing the right supplier of second hand commercial freezers for sale is their track record in delivering high-quality fridges to various businesses. Also, they should provide you with a wide range of selection of numerous types of freezers that is suitable for your business.

The name that you can trust

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