What first-timers should know about getting Mitsubishi service

It’s about time for your first ever scheduled Mitsubishi service. However, you still have no idea about the significance of this scheduled service. Moreover, you’re worried about sending it to any mechanic. What if they can’t completely repair your car’s existing or even hidden issues? The good news is, there are Mitsubishi approved service centres Australia wide. These are dealership service centres authorised by Mitsubishi to sell and repair Mitsubishi automobiles. Now, besides the feeling of security knowing they have legit authorisation, you can gain more benefits from these authorised centres. Read more to find out.

What are the benefits of Mitsubishi approved service centres?

1. Genuine servicing – Mitsubishi Motors pride themselves on their aftersales service. Genuine servicing is just one of their good services, which is primarily about providing short turnarounds and lower service fees to their clients. Therefore, if you want these benefits, you should only send your car to authorised centres.

2. Right amount of attention from the right people – In authorised centres, your vehicle will receive the care it deserves. The mechanics in authorised centres are highly skilled in repairing Mitsubishi vehicles. In particular, they are trained in using model-specific tools for repairs. With this assurance, you can expect a fast but reliable service.

3. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OE) accessibility – You have to be careful about non-genuine parts and fluids; they might damage your car’s engine. Worse, your warranty might not even answer for this, in case your car malfunctions. As a result, you should just rely on centres authorised by Mitsubishi Motors. They have better OEM accessibility, which means your car can get genuine parts that don’t compromise safety after being fitted. Click here Brisbane City Mitsubishi

Why follow your scheduled Mitsubishi service?

Mitsubishi cars have 12-month intervals (15,000km), with the exception of Lancer Ralliart and Lancer Evolution. Now, it’s important that you follow this interval. If you procrastinate or miss it on purpose, it’s highly likely that your Mitsubishi will deteriorate prematurely.

In addition, there’s still a catch even if you choose an unauthorised but capable service provider. They might overlook some alarming issues that only Mitsubishi-certified mechanics can detect. Therefore, it’s better if you follow your scheduled car service Newstead or Brisbane centres can offer, which is indicated on your warranty booklet.

Signs that you immediately need a service Mitsubishi offers

  • Power loss because of filthy fuel filters.
  • Weird odour from the exhaust (ex. Smell of rotten eggs).
  • Declining gas mileage due to transmission issues or misalignments.
  • Your car is stalling probably because of engine issues or filthy fuel system parts.
  • You’re having difficulties in starting. The possible cause of this is an electrical problem.

Importance of a car air conditioning service Brisbane has today

If left unattended, a car A/C with issues might lead to high fuel consumption. Therefore, if your A/C isn’t working well as it used to, you need to book a service now. More importantly, take note that A/C regassing methods vary in every region in Australia. As a result, only a certified mechanic must perform a regassing with your A/C.

During an air conditioning tune-up, the mechanics might check your A/C vent’s temperature, operating gas, drier, filer, drive belts, system lines, and condenser fins.

Get reliable tune-ups from Mitsubishi approved service centres

Can’t wait to book your first service? You can visit https://brisbanecitymitsubishi.com.au/service, an authorised centre, to book a service and get a replacement vehicle. They also offer a courtesy bus service.